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About Shalem Fund    

What is The Shalem Fund?

The Shalem Fund was founded in 1983 by the Union of Local Authorities in Israel (ULAI) in cooperation with the Welfare Ministry and serves as a main partner in the state's social action.
The Fund assists in many fields, driven by the understanding of the complexity of the therapeutic needs of people with developmental intellectual disabilities.
The main spheres of assistance include: helping to develop community frameworks in all spheres of life for people with developmental intellectual disabilities, at all the stages of their lives; to improve their physical conditions within these frameworks; to develop courses of study for professionals; to support artistic productions by people with intellectual disabilities; to encourage and fund public relations activities among various target populations and to provide research grants in the field.
The Shalem Fund annually supports more than a hundred projects across Israel with the full cooperation of Welfare Ministry inspectors, local division managers and employees and with various representatives of other agencies and funding bodies also participating in the steering committee process.
The Shalem Fund works diligently toward the utilization of the potential of every person with intellectual disability in the community with the objective of enable him/her to achieve the best possible quality of life. The Fund encourages practical excellence in the field of intellectual disability and grants annual appreciation awards to municiplaity heads, public figures and volunteers and excellence awards to authorities, projects, teams and people with intellectual disability who contribute to society and unique projects.

The Fund's Goals

The Shalem Fund was founded by ULAI in cooperation with the Welfare Ministry to provide comprehensive assistance to local councils toward the development of services for people with developmental intellectual disabilities.
The stated objectives of the Shalem Fund are:
  • To encourage the of development and improvement of the range of unique services for people with developmental intellectual disabilities
  • To create conditions for the integration of people with developmental intellectual disabilities into society
  • To enhance public awareness of the needs of people with such disabilities
  • To assist in training social workers and caregivers by develop professional study programs
  • To gather and process data for the planning and establishment of community services
The Fund's Vision

"Any person with a developmental intellectual disability has the basic right to live a normal life in his/her natural environment, to utilize his/her potential and to integrate into the his/her own society, culture and job market, in so far as is possible, in accordance with his/her ability, will and needs".