Opening of Eliya Rehabilitation Day Center in Beer Sheva for Blind or Visually Impaired Children      
The new Eliya Rehabilitation Day Center opened in Beer Sheva last November in an exciting event in the presence of many guests, including Mayor Ruvik Danilovich, representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services, representatives of the Shalem Foundation and the National Insurance Institute of Israel, and many more. In 1988, the organization opened a rehabilitation day center in the city of Beer Sheva for toddlers. The center had its start in a rented building, ill- suited to the toddlers’ special needs, and with an excess of problems and limitations
Finally, the new center opened its doors in a new, respectable, spacious and appropriate building, allowing 850 meters within the building for the children’s comfortable and pleasant activity and enabling the organization to offer a solution to additional children in need of their services. In addition to increasing the number of classrooms, the building includes a dark room, sensory room, Gymboree, socio-drama, para-medical rooms and two special courtyards for outdoor games
Eliya is a leading organization in Israel for the advancement of blind or visually impaired children, supplying a wide range of services, including assessment, care, support and rehabilitation. Eliya began its activity with six children and presently provides programs for hundreds yearly in four centers throughout the country. Eliya assists in preparing blind or visually impaired children for integration into mainstream education and society, also providing a professional solution for blind or visually impaired children with complex developmental issues as they continue on to appropriate facilities adapted to their needs and abilities. Eliya also provides encouragement and support to family members, empowering them to help advance their children in the most efficient and positive manner
Shalem Foundation assistance included grants for building and equipping the center