The House on Negba Street, Beer Sheva: Setting Out on a New Road      

 In December 2017, a festive event was held, dedicating a new home for six people with intellectual developmental disability who moved to the new quarters from their previous residence

Participating in the event were: Beer Sheva Mayor Duvik Dalinovich; Vice Mayor and holder of the Education and Welfare portfolio, Dr. Heftsi Zohar; representatives of the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Social Services; Orna Yogav, senior director of the Housing Division in the Disabilities Administration, Director of Southern Disrict; Israel Budik; representatives of the municipal Social Affairs Department; and families, staff, Erez Paz (home owner), neighbors and guests. The strong turnout inspired all participants and strengthened the significance of neighborliness and the mutual good feeling of including people with intellectual developmental disabilities in the neighborhood
Beer Sheva has a veteran system of homes run by the Ami Organization. As residents grow older and changes to the existing homes belonging to the public housing system are required, the organization’s administration takes upon itself to rent either newly constructed apartments or apartments which can be sufficiently adapted to residents’ needs. During the course of 2017, one apartment for six residents was already found, and, recently, a single home with a garden was located, renovated and adapted to the needs of the organization’s most veteran residents. Each resident living in the home has a private room, for which they chose their own furniture, adapting the room their personal needs. The presence at the ceremony of the home’s owner as well as close neighbors was most special and emphasized the good neighborly relations and mutual good feeling of inclusion of residents with intellectual developmental disabilities into the neighborhood
The Shalem Foundation assisted in funding for equipping the home