A Tradition is Born in the Regional Council Sedot Negev      
Social worker Maayan Benishti writes
“On Wednesday, 10 January 2018, a special, traditional event, part of the Social Affair Department’s extensive yearly activity, was held in the Regional Council Sedot Negev to augment special-needs awareness.
The evening, held in the Sedot Negev Cultural Center, attracted approximately 400 participants, including area residents, families of children with special needs, professionals and Regional Council staff.
The evening’s speakers included: Mr. Noah Elmasi, director of Social Services and Mr. Tamir Idan, Council Head; Mrs. Sesil Gritzber, coordinator of the Division of Services for Persons with Development Disabilities in the Ministry of Social Affairs, Southern Area; Mrs. Maayan Dahan, representative of the group Mothers of Children with Special Needs, and was emceed for the second consecutive year by Social Service division social workers.
The show, ‘If We’re Already Here, Why Don’t We Enjoy It?,’ produced by the Aluma Theatre, graced the evening. The show, exploring the topic of growth, challenges, strength and faith in special parenthood, was powerful and emotional. The actresses, themselves mothers of children with special needs, passionately sang and spoke about every issue! Upon the show’s conclusion, an important and significant discussion with audience participation was held
As mentioned, the evening has become a tradition in the Social Affairs Department, initiated by department social workers in conjunction with the Sedot Negev Community Library.
We would like to thank everyone who took part and participated in this event. Special thanks to the Shalem Foundation and the Ministry Social Affairs and Social Services for their assistance, and to Mrs. Shulamit Abutbul, director of the Community Library.”

The Shalem Foundation is partner to the initiative and its production, as well as funding of events to increase awareness of and exposure to people with intellectual disabilities throughout the country