Get to Know the Other" in the city of Beer Sheva"      

 In response to a tender published by The Shalem Foundation, the Municipality of Beer Sheva launched a new initiative, implemented by the Kivunim Company, for the integration and inclusion of people with intellectual developmental disabilities in neighborhood sports’ events

The Division of Services for Persons with Development Disabilities in the Ministry of Social Welfare and Social Services, the Municipality of Beer Sheva’s Department of Social Services’ Rehabilitation Branch and Department of Sport, the Education Department’s Branch for Special Education and the Shalem Foundation are all partners to this initiative
As part of the initiative, a number of joint endeavors - ongoing and one-time - took place during the 5777 school year, exposing various sections of the population to people with intellectual disabilities as regular partners in myriad activities

Cooperation between Students of “Comprehensive C” and “Dekalim” School


Special education school “Dekalim” and “Comprehensive C” High School cooperated on a number of fronts. Every Sunday saw one and a half hours of joint Breakdance practice; Wednesdays were set aside for joint basketball practice. As a result of the shared activities, warm personal relationships were formed between students of the two schools. In addition to the regular weekly activity, students met during Chanukah to light a chemical menorah, ending the evening with delicious sufganiot (traditional jelly doughnuts). Once a month, the science class from “Comprehensive C” hosted alternating classes from “Dekalim” school for a fun sports day. For the project’s concluding event, participants were invited to go bowling in Beer Sheva. After a short closing ceremony, each student bowled two games and everyone enjoyed pizza. “Dekalim” School students were gifted with a sports bag, a basketball and a decorated soda bottle

Inclusion in the Retirees’ March


The annual “Retirees’ March,” was extremely moving this year when 50 participants from Yachdav’s Occupational Training Center for People with Intellectual Disabilities joined the march. Participants marched around the city’s Gan HaPa’amon for 2 kilometers, and continued with sports activities within the park, including Tai Chi, folk dancing, a drumming workshop, and more

Cooperation between the Orian and Ilanot Elementary Schools


Third grade students from within the schools were chosen to participate in the cooperative program between the special education school Ilanot and the elementary school Orian. As part of the program, students had weekly joint basketball practice. The children cooperated gladly, and it seemed they truly connected to each other

Inclusion in the Municipal Streetball Tournament


As part of the traditional streetball events in Beer Sheva, 10 players from the AKIM Organization took part in the events, under the coaching of Itay Meirovich. The players took part in a friendly game in which they played with members of the Comprehensive C basketball team. Three players even took part in the triplet competition, to the wild cheers of the crowd
Hats off to the Kivunim Company and especially to sports coordinator Yahav Hadad for turning this unique idea into a reality with potential to continue and even expand during the 5778 school year

The Shalem Foundation was partner to the initiative, its planning and funding