Attitudes change towards people with intellectual developmental disabilities - among Academic's students who study in courses provided by the Shalem Fund and among Training students at Shalem Fund's courses - in the year of 2017   Catalog # 196 | PhD. Adi Levi Vered, Maya Sabag, Noga chen  

This study was carried out by 'Michlol'- the Assessment and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Foundation
The following evaluation report present the findings of the change in attitudes toward people with intellectual developmental disabilities in relation to their quality of life among Academic students and Training students, before and after their participation in courses in the field of with Intellectual developmental disabilities

The courses that were held in the academic year 2017, were aimed at two different populations

One of them is courses for Academic's students who have taken place within academic frameworks- in order to provide this students background and knowledge about the world of the person with the intellectual developmental disabilitie, its abilities, needs and the solutions that exist today for this population

The second one is Training courses designed for staff members (training students) who work in frameworks designed for people with intellectual developmental disabilities- in order to provide to the professionals focused knowledge, in their field of employment, about the needs of people with intellectual developmental disabilities and the possible responses for this population

To read the full findings report in Hebrew press here

To view the summarizing presentation of results in Hebrew press here


Key Words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Caregivers and staff
Research, assessment and measurement
Attitudes and social perceptions
Shalem Fund study