An intervention model- an internet based tool that matches intervention programs to clients with developmental intellectual disabilities

The area of intellectual disabilities is an advanced field, both in the services given to those with disabilities and in the level of education and expertize of those working in the field. Over the past two years we have developed a unique computerized tool that assembles all of the work processes of social workers in the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services for choosing suitable intervention programs in caring for children and adults with disabilities and their families
This tool was developed by the knowledge management company Rom with funding from the Shalem Foundation, and the help of a group of experienced social workers and supervisors. All of the information and tools are accessible on the internet and are updated and managed by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services. This tool collates and distributes information necessary for social workers in the following fields: Information about rights and the utilization of rights (laws, regulations, benefits, funds etc.), the possible options in constructing an appropriate intervention plan (approaches and methods of intervention, referring to accessories, etc.), Forms and work aids.
The importance of this tool is especially apparent in light of the recent reform in social services to shift the focus of services to the individual in his or her familial context.The goal of the program is to give a set of tools that aid the professional decision making processes
The tool is accessible on the website of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services and can be accessed by clicking the link Here
Authorities that are interested in receiving additional instruction or information about using this tool may contact Tali Alon, the national supervisor of the service for caregiving in the community, the department of treatment for the developmental-mentally disabled, or the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, via E-mail : [email protected]
.The Shalem Foundation contributed in funding the development and maintenance of this tool