Anchor for Life- Special Needs at Sea – project, Beit She’an

Anchor for Life- Special Needs at Sea –  is an educational marine program for people with developmental intellectual disabilities. The activities take place once a week for two hours at the sea scouts branch of Moshava Kinneret. Sea Scouts are the marine branch of the Israeli Scouts, the only youth movement in Israel. The "Anchor for life- special needs at sea" program has been operating in Sea Scout branches around the country for several years, mainly in the center of Israel.

The purpose of the initiative is to integrate people with developmental intellectual disabilities in enriching social activities in the periphery of the country.

The goals of this social initiative additionally include:

Improving the personal abilities of people with developmental and cognitive disabilities, Improving their self-esteem, Reinforcing their ability to collaborate with a group, Coping with stressful situations, Accumulating positive experiences of joy and excitement, Providing life skills including self-discipline, the ability to maintain inter-personal boundaries, friendships, teamwork, responsibility and perseverance, Better integration in the wider community.

The program also impacts the parents of the participants and municipal entities, including the educational system. This activity is more unique thanleisure activities typically offered to these children and introduces different challenges and coping experiences for them.

The Sea Scouts, the Shalem Foundation, and the pupils of the "Golani" Special Education School in Beit She’an have partnered together to bring about this special initiative.