Assessment of Supportive Environment for People with Intellectual Developmental Disability program

Catalog # 163 | PhD. Adi Levi Vered, Maya Sabag, Bosmat Hoch

The supportive environment program is a pillar program of care services in the community that provides an alternative for moving adults to external assisted living. The program has been operating for about 10 years, and currently includes about 360 participants with Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD), in 35 local councils (about 30 counselors). In some of the local councils the program is operated by the local council, and in others voluntary associations do (such as: Cochav, Chimes Israel association, ADNAM, Seeach sod and Akim). The program supplies support services, assistance and guidance for people ages 21+ with IDD that live alone or with elderly parents in the community, and people at risk, in aims to keep them in the community

Assessment objectives of the supportive environment program

To do a preliminary mapping of the staff and participants in the program in a variety of variables

To examine the impact, contribution and satisfaction from the “supportive environment” program in a variety of aspects and from different perspectives, both of staff in different levels (coordinators, councilors, social workers and supervisors) and the participants and their families, emphasizing the change in doing daily activities that the people with IDD did not do independently before entering the program, and the way the program assists the families of the participants

To assess the quality of the relationship of the participants and the councilors

To assess the impact of the program on the perception of the families about social services

To examine the place and contribution of the program beyond and compared to the daily work of the social worker in the local council

To assess the training needs of the staff for specialization in the field of supported environment


To read the full report in Hebrew press here

To read the Executive summary in Hebrew press here

To view the summarizing presentation of results in Hebrew press here

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Key words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Adults 21+
Community incorporation
Shalem Fund study


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