Assessment the contribution of Academic courses (learned in 2019) that integrate the field of Intellectual developmental disabilities

Catalog # 234 | Noga Chen

This study was carried out by ‘Michlol’- The Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

In the following findings report, you will find the results of the satisfaction assessment and the change in attitudes towards people with intellectual developmental disabilities, among students in various academic settings, after their participation at attending courses in the field of intellectual developmental disabilities
Analysis of the findings of the feedback questionnaires yielded positive findings. It seems that most students find it very important to learn courses on this topic and that participation in the courses of intellectual developmental disabilities field brought a great interest in them continuing to study or work in the intellectual developmental disabilities field. Likewise about half of the respondents expressed great satisfaction with the courses they took part in. At the same time, most of the respondents reported that their attitudes towards the intellectual developmental disabilities changed as a result of their participation in the course and that the course increased their desire and sense of ability to work with this population

To read the full findings report in Hebrew press here
To view the summarizing presentation of results in Hebrew press here

Key Words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Social attitudes and perceptions
Research, evaluation and measurement
Shalem Fund study