Characterization and assessment of professional training needs of staff in day care centers and nursing units of adults aged 21 and older

Catalog # 160 | PhD. Adi Levi Vered, Maya Sabag, Bosmat Hoch

In the past years, the important need for quality professional caregivers, that accompany, assist and empower people with Intellectual Developmental Disability (IDD) has increased
The Division of Services for Persons with Development Disabilities in the community and the research unit of the Shalem Fund conducted a short survey designed to assess and define the professional needs of all staff members at the day centers and nursing units – managers, para-medical experts and caregivers. The objective was to learn how to promote the professional development, plan and offer training courses, and give adequate response to the varied needs of those working in the field. Additionally, for the caregiver population an objective was set to examine motivation (both internal and external), ethics and morality
He final aim of this evaluation was to map out and characterize the day care centers in relation to the centers them-selves, the managers, the people with IDD and the staff

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Key words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Adults 21+
Caregivers and staff
Shalem Fund Study
Professional ethics

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