Completion of a Course about Leisure for People with Developmental Intellectual Disabilities in Tel Sheva

Friday, May 1st 2015 marked the end of a four month course about recreation for children with developmental intellectual disabilities in Tel Sheva’s educational center. The course was attended by 26 participants including after-school counselors, mothers of children with disabilities and educational assistants from the educational center.
This course affirms the recent focus of the Tel Sheva center to meet the thirst for knowledge within the Bedouin community.
The after-school staff noted that the unique mix of participants enabled everyone to better understand the children’s needs, and to improve the communication and flow of information regarding children at the center.
One of the mothers participating in the course noted that she now has practical tools for recreational activities that she uses with her son at home. She also noted that she appreciates the opportunity to get to know the therapeutic staff and to understand their work.
Sabach Hamdia, an instructor at an after-school day care program said: "The lecturers were wonderful and gave us tools that were immediately applied in our work with the children. The meetings with Lotem association about outdoor recreation revealed a world we weren’t familiar with previously. They made us think, in order to plan activities that incorporate all the senses according to each child’s individual abilities. The art instructor taught us to use materials that we used to throw away, and that now serve us to create wonderful things with the children."
Zahaya Abu Ganam, another instructor, wrote: "The medical clown taught us to use humor, together with music even for those who don’t talk. The educational center is a source of pride for Tel Sheva and the staff would like to continue learning, since it benefits our work with the children."
The course coordinator from the Magid Institute, A’abed El Yunes, received much praise for the pleasant and forthcoming manner in which he led the course. The conclusion of the course was attended by representatives of the authorities that combined efforts to make the course successful: Adva Ahuda Gamliel, the regional supervisor, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Dorit Dov, developmental intellectual disabilities for Tel Sheva, and A’abed El Yunes, course coordinator for Magid Institute.
The Shalem Foundation took part in initiating, planning and funding of the course.