Evaluation of the pilot program in the field of aging accessible among people with intellectual developmental disabilities and the people around them

Catalog # 890-155-2019 | other authors : Noga Chen

This study was carried out by Michlol- the Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

The aging process is accompanied by effects that are characteristic the entire population and mainly include reduction and lack of regeneration that are manifested in three dimensions that are integrated with each other and in the aging process The three simensions are the biological dimension (physical and cognitive), the emotional dimension and the social dimension. An aging person with intellectual developmental disability experiences the same effects but to these effects are added difficulties caused as a result of and / or associated with the disability itself, such as reducing the connection with the family members who have grown old and leaving them without a significant family support, coping with grief, declining employment and more
In order to assist in proper preparation for old age and to better cope with the expected transitions and challenges, a program has been developed to deliver tailored workshops for people with intellectual developmental disabilities who focus on making the issue of aging accessible, combined with family support and the professional system that accompanies them The program was developed by an inter-organizational team with expertise in this area and working with this population Dr Dalia Nissim, Professional Director of the “Trump Institute” at ‘Izzy Shapira House’; Dr. Michal Wolf, Director of the Alvin Haifa and north district; Social Worker Tova Pinkas, Director of the Alvin Jerusalem Day Centers; Avi Holler  director of the day centers for retirees at the Alvin Hasharon and the center district; Gal Azvelos – CEO of ‘Gal Dormitories; Noga Spielberg – Professional Manager of ‘Gal Dormitories
The program was first transferred as a pilot in the year 2019 at the Center for retirees with intellectual developmental disabilities in two authorities: Holon and Rehovot. The pilot was accompanied by a design evaluation by ‘Michlol’- the Assessment and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund, in order to improve the program / workshops and examine the degree of its success and contribution to the various audiences. The pilot findings are presented in this document

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Key Words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities,Aging,Shalem Fund study