Filming from the heart- the filming crew with developmental intellectual disabilities from the occupational training center in Kfar-Yona

 Hundreds of students, volunteers, social groups, youth movements, artists, prison guards and inmates recently took part in “Good Deeds Day” in Kfar-Yona and engaged in activities for the community and for people with special needs

Under Meir Goldstein’s direction, a  film crew  from the occupational training center in Kfar Yona called "Filming from the Heart" documented the volunteers during their activities. The filming crew fulfilled their task well and proved yet again their ability to initiate, film and document with dedication and professionalism

A part of the good deeds day’s events included a breathtaking photography exhibition called "At Eye Level" which was hosted in  Kfar-Yona’s community center. "At Eye Level" is a unique exhibition displaying photographs taken by people with developmental intellectual disabilities in Meir Goldstein’s photography class at the occupational training center in Kfar-Yona

Through their photographs, the artists are able to give the community a unique glimpse into their world and an opportunity to learn how the world is reflected from their point of view. After all, "a picture is worth a thousand words." The exhibition generated a lot of excitement and admiration from visitors. The exhibition has been displayed in cultural centers, higher education institutes and at professional conferences and forums throughout the country. Following the exhibition the photographs were put up for sale to the general public

 The exhibition was festive and impressive, a unique event especially due to the fact that the members of the occupational training center contributed with their abilities and initiatives for the community and attracted special attention amongst all participants


 The Shalem Foundation publicizes the project at conferences and events, and subsidizes the cost of printing for magnets with pictures of participants as part of its role in supporting conferences and professional seminars