In the path of the Heart- a Play by Katznelson and Amal Schools Theater Group

In the path of the Heart is the story of the journey and mentoring process of a group of children on their path to presenting the musical, "The Wizard of Oz." A moment before the planned premiere, everything goes wrong and the group finds themselves in an enchanted forest. As they try to escape, they learn about friendship, honesty and love

This unique theater group is composed of pupils from Katznelson State High School and Amal School for Children with Disabilities. For the past two years the group has met weekly for acting and movement classes. Throughout these meetings a group with rich substance was formed, enabling a variety of voices and situations to arise. Using the medium of theater and through performing for a wide audience, the group and their collaborators send a message of creating a more just, accepting and tolerant society in Israel

Guidance and direction: Haim Tal

This project was supported by the Shalem Foundation, the Headquarters for Violence, Drugs and Alcohol Prevention, Akim Holon and the Holon Municipality

The Shalem Foundation funded the production and will aid in its exposure to schools in the city