Inauguration of The Center for Occupational Services in Rishon LeZion

The Center of Occupational Services in Rishon LeZion is a longstanding training center that has undergone extensive renovations and development over the past three years. It has been expanded to 1,300m² with the capacity to serve 100 people with intellectual disabilities.
The building, renovation and equipping process was led by the municipality of Rishon LeZion in collaboration with Chimes Israel Association, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, the Shalem Foundation and the National Insurance Institute of Israel.
Today the Center serves as an occupational center for 80 people with developmental and intellectual disabilities. In addition, 20 of its occupants have integrated and found supported employment outside the center in a variety of occupations. In the center the people are occupied with productive work, while working on self-promotion in different areas of life.
The building provides its occupants with spacious workshops, activity rooms for enriching activities, a dining room, and a comfortable and pleasant space to stay, including a spacious lobby and a big yard. There they are able to work on self-improvement in various aspects of their lives. In addition to the building renovations, needed equipment was purchased. The new equipment enables better rehabilitation and integration practice for those at the center.  
A formal ceremony was held on January 14th 2015, with representatives of the local council, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services, Division of Services for Persons with Development Disabilities, the Shalem Foundation, the National Insurance Institute of Israel, Chimes Israel along with families and rehabilitators from the center. The rehabilitators officiated the ceremony and presented dancing and singing segments. Art work made by the participants in the center’s art class were presented at the event, and guests received a small gift as a present from Chimes Israel ,crafted by the participants at the center of occupational services in Kfar Saba.
The impressive building creates a respectable and pleasant atmosphere and testifies to the acknowledgement of the right of people with special needs to a high quality of life and to equal treatment and services.


The Shalem Foundation took part in planning the center and in funding the construction and equipment and accompanies the development of the center throughout the years it has operated.