Information Review’s findings on Models for Accessing Municipal Services for People with Intellectual developmental disabilities

Catalog # 255| Noga Chen

This study was carried out by ‘Michlol’- The Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

The purpose of this review was to gather information from various countries around the world on existing models of cognitive accessibility of municipal services for people with Intellectual developmental disabilities The review was conducted by Internet Search and focused on the world’s leading countries in this field: New York (USA), Sweden and England
The review raises key terms and popular access policies in these countries. Moreover, examples and models of accessibility that have come up in a review are presented, such as documents accessibility, websites and apps of public bodies accessibility of public transport, the justice system and health services. All for the main purpose of expanding the independence of people with disabilities in the public sphere

To read the full findings report in Hebrew press here

Key Words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Community integration
Cognitive accessibility
Shalem Fund study