“It’s so nice, to ride together on a bike”

A joint bike ride in the city of Lod
The inaugural "moving together” bike ride took place  in 2013 and was a touching example of true integration between the general population and people with special needs in the city of Lod.
The mayor, YairRavivo Esq., was inspired by the success of the previous event and promised that Lod would make the bike ride a municipal tradition.  And indeed it did: a five kilometer journey, the second annual “Moving together” bike ridetook place on Friday, November 21st 2014.
Approximately two hundred riders participated, including people with special needs, students from Jewish and Arab high schools in Lod, religious and secular residents and municipal employees.
Half of theparticipants with disabilities were people with developmental intellectual disabilities from rehabilitative day care centersin the city. They rode bikes specifically suited for their disabilities.
The journey was part of a city-wide awareness week for people with disabilities. This advocacy week aims to change perceptions towards the special needs community, to create a real understanding of the right to lead a respectful and equal life for those with special needs and to remove the boundaries that exclude them from society.
A special bond was woven between the different institutions that worked together with the municipality of Lod: Bank Hapoalim, The Shalem Foundation, Pesher Association, Kehila Negisha, Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Services Divisions of Services for Persons with Development Disabilities and Therapeutic and Educational Departments, the Municipal Sports Department, Akim, the Department of Regular Education and supervision of the Department of Education, the Lod Foundation, and the Department of Social Integration.
The bike path was planned with the help of the Israel Cycling Foundation and Etgarim Association.


The Shalem Foundation took part in the planning and funding of this special event.
A video describing the Bike Ride
Filming and Editing : Adrenalin Company