Simple Dreams- a new and touching play

Simple Dreams is a novel and touching play performed by actors with developmental intellectual disabilities. In fact, it is the first creative ensemble in Beit She’an composed entirely of adults with disabilities. It entertains a dialogue about diverse individuals in the community while simultaneously exploringthe goals and aspirations we all share in life.  In the play, the surprising dreams of members of the group come to life during a lecture given by a beloved professor.

The play is product of a 10 month long personal and joint group process led by Director Ido Wiess. This enabled each of the participants to express their aspirations through the group and through the medium of theater.

The play is accompanied by an informative program about unique communities within greater society. It includes a lecture before the play hosted by professionals in the field and a guided talk following the play with the director and some of the actors. There is additionally an advertising campaign running to raise awareness about unique communities.

Director of the play: IdoWiess.

Collaborators: the Municipality of Beit She’an, Akim Israel and local authorities.


The Shalem Foundation contributes financially to creating new performances for various audiences.


A Short film about the play