The characteristics, meanings and implications of Couples Relationships from the perspective of people with intellectual disability living as couples. A comparison of quality of life and self-esteem in couple’s relationships versus relationships between friends

Prof. Shunit Reiter, Ran Neuman, Ph.D - University of Haifa, Faculty of Education, Department of Special Education

This research is supported by a grant from the Shalem Foundation

Just like anyone in the general population, people with intellectual disabilities express interest and longing for intimacy. They have limited opportunities to experience such relationships and there are currently few references to the subject in literature and research.

This study examined the point of view of a couple with intellectual disabilities. The findings indicate the uniqueness of a relationship for people with intellectual disabilities. Amongst the findings is the positive effect of an intimate relationship on the quality of life and self-image of the couple. The research suggests re-characterization of the concept of intimate relationships among people with intellectual disabilities and .defines a number of recommendations for how society can and should help

 ."Finally, it proposed to abandon the question of "whether or not" to support this issue and to focus instead on "how

"Video describing the study March 2014, Filmed in the "Village of Hope

Editor : Shay Slomi