Unique Training Course in Disability Awareness for teen volunteers in Modiin Illit

Special training for young volunteers in services for children with special needs in the city.

In Modiin Illit there are dozens of teens aged 15-18 who volunteer in a variety of services for children with disabilities, including intellectual disabilities. Some of the girls volunteer with families that have a child with special needs.

The Shalem Foundation and the Jerusalem District Welfare Supervision responded to the request from the City of Modi'in to develop a unique training course adapted to the culture and age of the volunteers.

Livnat, Field Coordinator of people with intellectual disability in the local council and director of the Family Center, wrote: "There are no words to express for this amazing course, thank you very much to the Shalem Fund, the Ministry of Social Affairs and Social Service and the Magid Institute for this amazing program. I must share that the feedback I received already after two sessions showed me how effective, professional and empowering this training was. Especially the smart and rich combination of lectures, with the mother's story and the Playback Theatre "Nfeca Mina" which enriched their world. They feel that they have a place for learning and an opportunity to ask questions and receive answers, simply amazing!"

The Professional Development Department at the Magid Institute, coordinated by Lilith Wolfzon – Shvicky implemented the course for the Shalem foundation.


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