A companion evaluation study to the pilot “Zuzu” – together for a healthy life

Catalog # 890-358-2021 | Other authors : Ayala Lior

This study was carried out by Michlol- the Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

In recent years, public and personal awareness of the change in the sedentary lifestyle and the introduction of physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle has been increasing. In protected settings there is a lack of awareness of incorporating physical activity as part of the daily routine. At the same time, there is difficulty in locating and paying a professional from the field of physical education, with expertise in the field of special education, who will conduct the activities in the frameworks. The goals of the Zozo project are to make sports activities accessible to populations with special needs, assimilation as part of the daily routine, increasing awareness and control of the body, adopting an active lifestyle, improving mood and possibly even having a positive effect on behavior. This is through the database of the training videos produced for the benefit of the project, which are an internal tool for activating the recipients of the service by the instructors in the frameworks. The database is on the “Zuzu” website, under the website of Keren Shalem.

The current evaluation comes to examine the degree of success of the project in making physical activity a part of the daily routine in the frameworks, while examining the point of view of the service recipients, the instructors/referents and the managers of the frameworks. Specifically, the indicators formulated for the pilot evaluation are: a. The frequency of performing physical activity during the week, and the degree of stability of this frequency over time, b. The degree of participation of the service recipients in the activity, c. The degree of motivation of the service recipients for sports activities during the day, d. The degree of satisfaction and enjoyment from the sports activity – in the eyes of the recipients of the service, e. The degree of satisfaction of the service recipients as perceived by the framework team.

Keywords :The “Zozo” Project, physical activity, healthy lifestyle, videos, developmental intellectual disability, evaluation research


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