Boxed Breakthrough: Designing an Escape Box for Enhancing Reading Skills in Students with Intellectual Disability

Catalog # 890-325-2020

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

Reading ability is crucial for multiple functions and impacts one’s quality of life. Reading difficulties can hinder various domains, emphasizing the importance of learning to read. Studies support using a phonetic approach for teaching reading to students with intellectual disabilities. However, there is limited research on adapting instructional tools for these students. This study aims to design escape boxes for reading instruction for students aged 10-16 with intellectual disabilities, using a design-based research model. It combines classroom practice with theoretical foundations. The study involves 11 students, their teachers, and experts in the field of reading. The study yields positive outcomes, increasing motivation and fostering independence.

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Key words: escape boxes, intellectual disabilities, reading instruction, special education


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