Evaluation of the contribution of Shalem Fund’s projects during the period of the Corona

Catalog # 890-236-2020| Noga Chen

This study was carried out by Michlol- the Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

During March-April 2020, with the spread of the corona virus in Israel and the entry of the country’s citizens into the first closure of their homes Shalem Fund implemented a number of initiatives to assist families dealing with a relative with various disabilities, to support professionals on the field and to accompany them in assisting families during this period
The initiatives that were implemented and evaluated by ‘Michlol’ – the Assessment and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund in various ways are

Encouragement grant for the period of isolation – a financial grant to the local authorities for the benefit of leisure equipment for families of people with disabilities, which was transferred to 230 local authorities in Israel who responded to public appeal that published by Shalem Fund

Online lectures on challenging behavior subject – online lectures on two topics for families and professionals – Leaving the line of confrontation and Dealing with challenging behavior in the days of Corona using the container-intervention method- container model

WhatsApp group to professionals in the field of people with intellectual developmental disabilities- in order to convey messages relevant to the closure period quickly and effectively   The group has 140 members

Shalem For You website for people with disabilities – a unique website that was established thanks to a donation from OM-Two company and that was built with the help of Idan Bar company   The site is accessible to the population of people with intellectual developmental disabilities and concentrates content collected from around the web in simple and accessible language

To read the full findings report in Hebrew press here
To read the executive summary in Hebrew press here

To view the summarizing presentation of results in Hebrew press here

Key Words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Therapists and staff
Cognitive accessibility
The family unit
Shalem Fund study

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