Digit in Noise test as a hearing screening test for individuals with Intellectual Disability

Catalog # 890-330-2020| other authors : Ronit Saban

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

Individuals with intellectual disabilities (ID) face a higher prevalence of hearing impairment than the general population. Nevertheless, it is often overlooked and not rehabilitated. The feasibility of the DIN test, a hearing screening tool, is assessed in this population. Thirty-one participants with mild to moderate ID underwent the test in original and adapted versions. Reducing the number of recalled digits improved the performance. The adapted DIN test has a potentially to be an effective hearing screening tool for individuals with ID, addressing the prevalent issue of undetected hearing impairment and the need for suitable rehabilitation in this specific population.

Keywords: Intellectual Disability, Hearing Loss, Digit in Noise Test

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