Evaluation of the impact of the Shalem fund in courses (in the field of intellectual developmental disabilities) in academic institutions (between the years 2013-2020)

Catalog # 890-273-2020| PhD. Adi Levi Vered, Noga Chen

This study was carried out by ‘Michlol’- The Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

In the last 8 years, the Shalem Fund has supported about 100 courses in dozens of institutions of higher education (Universities, colleges, seminars) and in diverse fields of knowledge: health professions, education, social work, management, architecture, genetic counseling, self-advocacy, nutrition and more. The purpose of this evaluation was to examine the contribution of the Shalem Fund’s support for academic courses in the field of Intellectual developmental disabilities, in the eyes of the faculty members who led the courses.

The course leaders who previously received the foundation’s support for the development of courses in Intellectual developmental disabilities field, as well as those that get it support in the present, were asked to respond to a survey constructed by Shalem fund’s team and by ‘Michlol’ (evaluation and research unit of Shalem fund). The evaluation was attended by 31 leaders of various courses (20 that are still supported at present and 11 that were supported in the past) belonging to 17 academic institutions in Israel.

The evaluation findings reinforce the importance of the foundation’s support for courses held at institutions of higher education, financially and professionally. The Professional Development Committee sees great importance in continuing to support these courses, as a significant part of cultivating the relationship with the academic institutions and also for the purpose of presenting the field of Intellectual developmental disabilities among students  and among faculty in the various academic departments.

To read the full findings report in Hebrew press here

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Key Words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities

Attitudes and social perceptions

Shalem Fund study

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