“It Takes a Whole Village to Raise a Child” Focusing on The Staff: How Do Special Education Professional Caregivers Perceive the Partnership with the Parents?

Catalog # 890-71-2018| Supervised by: Dr. Tamar Silberg, Prof. Yuri Rassovsky

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

The current study examined the missing perspective in the literature, of the special education team in the paradigm of partnership with parents. The study involved special education professionals from three schools from many sectors. All the selected schools belong to the complex special education system that includes motor disabilities, cognitive disabilities, or both. The current study examined the protective factors and risk factors that may influence this partnership. The findings of the study revealed that the school climate is related to stress measures and professional self-image. It was also found that the type of school and school climate are related to the concept of partnership with parents. In addition, personal factors were found to be directly related to stress measures and the perception of partnership and even moderated the relationship between stress and the perception of partnership.

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Keywords: Special education; professional staff; Partnership; Parents; school climate; impairment; Stress; personality factors; burnout; compassion fatigue; compassion satisfaction; Cerebral palsy; Quality of life; resilience




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