Survey for the teams of the rehabilitation field in the authorities, on the subject: need for support from a whole fund in the field of developing professional and social supports.

Catalog # 890-681-2022

This study was carried out by Michlol- the Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

On the occasion of the expansion of Shalem Foundation to develop services also for people with sensory, physical and cognitive disabilities, the foundation asked to contact the departments of social services and examine through a short survey their needs in relation to the rehabilitation population, in terms of the foundation’s existing support tracks, as well as their needs for supports that do not yet exist. The survey was constructed by the ‘ Michlol’ unit and included background data on the authority and the respondent, followed by statements about Shalem Fund support (in the professional and social fields) which the respondents were asked to rate in terms of the degree of necessity for their authority (between 1 and 6). They were also asked to choose the three most necessary supports for them, and even to suggest additional supports they needed that were not mentioned in the survey. The questionnaire was sent online to a variety of officials in the field of disabilities in the Department of Social Services in all the authorities in Israel.

Keywords : developing professional and social supports, rehabilitation field in the authorities


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