The contribution of intervention program based on The Cycle of Internalized Learning CIL to deal with verbal violence and improve the quality of life of people with intellectual developmental disabilities living in domestic housing settings

Catalog # 890-67-2018| Other authors: Ran Neuman

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund
The present research presents an in-depth investigation of the phenomenon of verbal violence among adults with IDD

The aims of the research were first to Find out the nature and scope of such violence and second to Evaluate the contribution of an especially designed intervention program to decrease verbal violence by promoting awareness and interpersonal coping competencies

The sample included 99 adults with IDD, 64 participated in the intervention program, the remaining being a control group

Findings provided a comprehensive description of the phenomenon of verbal violence experienced by adults with IDD, and the efficacy of an intervention program to reduce such experiences

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Key words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Verbal Violence
The Cycle of Internalized Learning
Community setting house
Residental house
Shalem Fund study

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