A New Functional Screening Tool for Adults with Intellectual Disabilities (FST-ID): Its Construction, Validation and Use

Catalog # 890-277-2020| Supervised by: Prof. Meir Lotan and Prof. Daniel Sender Moran

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

Intellectual disability (ID) is a dynamic phenomenon that can change during an individual’s lifetime. Therefore, a constant monitoring of function is warranted for improved services given to this group. In this research, we designed and validated a new screening tool (FST-ID) for detecting functional changes in adults with ID by their direct service providers. The new tool’s clinical applicability was tested during COVID-19. It was found to produce excellent psychometric values. Regular use of the FST-ID can improve services provided to individuals with ID and may be more economical than existing assessment methods.

Keywords: Adults with intellectual disabilities, Functional and environmental changes, Screening tool, COVID-19

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