Aging Families with a child with Intellectual Disabilities in Ultra-Orthodox society in Home and Out-of-home Housing: Needs versus Resources from an Ecological point of view

Catalog # 890-62-2018| Other Author: Dr. Alon Zamir

This work was supported by Shalem Fund.

Aim of the study: To describe and analyze the experience of the aging ultra-Orthodox family alongside and with a person with developmental intellectual disabilities in home and out-of-home placement from an ecological point of view.

Method: In the qualitative study, 14 family units were sampled and various circles of belonging relevant to the aging family, were interviewed in depth.

Findings: Three themes emerged from the analysis of the interviews: The first theme was: “we have the strengths but we are tired”: the challenges that the aging Ultra-Orthodox families, alongside and with a person with developmental intellectual disabilities, confront. The second theme was: “”it must be scaring to be like this…where are dad and mom?”: Finitude of life of parents in relation to a person with developmental intellectual disabilities in the Ultra-Orthodox context”. The third theme was: “’Left rejects and right brings closer’: the ambivalent attitude in Ultra-Orthodox society towards aging families living alongside a person with an intellectual disability”

Conclusion: It is necessary to develop, for aging families with a son/daughter with intellectual disability in home and out-of-home placement, a customized and culturally sensitive social services.

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Key words

People with intellectual developmental disabilities



Out of home placement


Shalem Fund study

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