“As They Are A Part of Israel”: The Meaning Attributed to Caregiving of People with Mental Developmental Disability in the Ultra-Orthodox Society – Opportunities and Challenges in Culturally-Sensitive Intervention

Catalog # 890-93-2018| Other Authors: Amit Zriker

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

Families of people with intellectual developmental disabilities in the ultra-Orthodox society may experience damage to their image and prestige, and may therefore keep the disability a secret from their environment. This study examined the meaning given to caring for children with IDD from three perspectives: fathers, mothers, and social workers. The study shows the importance of implementing a culture-sensitive intervention for caring for children with IDD in the ultra-Orthodox society, since parents in this society know that they must use welfare services outside their closed society to help their children and integrate into society.

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Key words:

Intellectual developmental disabilities; ultra-Orthodox society in Israel; culturally-sensitive interventions; faith-based community; stigmas towards people with disabilities; familial support.



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