Educational perceptions of school-principles, supervisors, and educational-leaders in regard of inclusion of adults with intellectual disability in educational programs as workers

Catalog # 890-59-2018

Integrating adults with special needs into society in general and into the education system in particular is a cultural and social challenge. In order for this challenge to be successfully met, we must fully recognize the integrators’ attitudes so as to adapt what is required in the integrating educational setting. While the integration of adults with learning, sensory or motor disabilities into the education system has been studied over the years and even gradually implemented, this is not the case for adults with Intellectual developmental disability (IDD). In this study, for the first time, 75 leading figures in the field of education and integration in Israeli society were asked about the possibilities of integrating such adults into the education system. Most of the participants presented positive attitude toward the possibility of including adults with IDD in the educational system. They also contributed to the understanding of the complexity of integrating adults with IDD, understanding the needs of the integrating system and of the adults being integrated, alongside proposals for possible solutions for implementation.

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Keywords :  Intellectual Developmental Disability, Inclusion, Intervention programs, School principals, Integration leaders, Social workers

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