Empowering aspects in the motherhood experience of women with an intellectual disability

Catalog # 890-187-2019| Supervised By: Carmit- Noa Shpigelman (PhD)

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

For women with disabilities, and in particular women with intellectual disability (ID), the right to parenthood and motherhood is undermined due to negative social perceptions. The present study focused on empowering aspects of the mothering experience of women with intellectual disability .The study interviewed 11 women with cognitive disability who lives in the community and raise their children. The study expands existing knowledge about motherhood and parenting among people with intellectual disabilities from their point of view and from an empowering aspects.

For the Full text in Hebrew press here

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Key words: People with intellectual disability, Parenthood, Motherhood, Positive aspects, Intersectionality, Shalem Fund study


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