Accessing information in the field of women’s health – assessing the suitability of a ‘Lilach’ tutorial (online platform) to the ultra-orthodox society and to the Arab society

Catalog # 890-340-2021

This study was carried out by Michlol- the Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

This evaluation study is based on the ‘Lilach’ – a tutorial to accessible the content of women’s health, After undergoing cultural adjustment for women with intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD) from other sectors.
The main purpose of the current evaluation study is to examine the degree of adaptation of the ‘Lilach’ tutorial to the ultra-Orthodox society and the Arab society, after the various adjustments have been made to the original tutorial. This is while examining the degree of understanding of the women, the degree of her contribution to acquiring knowledge and reducing negative feelings regarding the visit to the gynecologist, and the degree of satisfaction of the users (the woman and the attendant) with the platform and its suitability for the specific company.

Keywords: Women’s health, women, intellectual developmental disabilities (IDD), the accessibility of medical services, sectors in society, Cognitive accessibility

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