Evaluation of professional workshops on Video-Modeling and the initial use of the tool

Catalog # 890-567-2021

This study was carried out by Michlol- the Evaluation and Measurement Unit of the Shalem Fund

People with disabilities, including developmental intellectual disabilities, experience difficulties in adapting to appropriate behavior in a variety of areas, including employment. Entrepreneur and researcher Yifat Ben Refael (M.Sc. OT) in collaboration with Keren Shalem and Ministry of Welfare and Social Security, have developed a unique tool for the population of people with disabilities, including developmental intellectual disabilities. The tool is a site that contains video-modeling that help therapists guides directly care for people with disabilities, make decisions and behave correctly in various situations. This evaluation research came to examine the satisfaction from the tool workshop training workshops, which were held for teams from the frameworks, as well as the degree of initial use of the tool, after several months from attending the workshops. The findings indicate great satisfaction with the concept and tool of video-modeling as a means of work (as well as the tutorial and the simulation video), however, there is a gap between satisfaction and a sense of ability to use the tool immediately after the workshop and its actual use, after the workshop. In addition, it was found that there is a need to adapt the tool to ultra-Orthodox society and Arab society.

 Key Words

Shalem Fund study, Video-modeling, social skills, video scenarios, simulation, employment, developmental intellectual disabilities


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