“Mamanet” – Far Beyond the Network: Intervention Program to Promote Health among Women Aged 21-53 with an Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Catalog # 890-659-2021| other authors : Sharon Barak

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of the “Mamanet – far beyond the network” program among women with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities living in community housing. The study used mixed methods. 45 women with mild to moderate intellectual and developmental disabilities, aged 23-53, participated in the study. According to the findings, participants perceive Mamanet’s activity very positively. There was a significant improvement in the participants’ quality of life, physical abilities, general happiness, and personal well-being. Various motivations and barriers to participation were identified, as well as recommendations for change.
Keywords: intellectual and developmental disabilities, women, popular sports, health promotion, intervention program

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