The expression of a humanist orientation in the perception and attitude of service providers who accompany and support people with IDD and in the perception of service recipients regarding their abilities and their lives

Catalog # 890-83-2018| Other authors: Nirit Karni Vizer, Ran Neuman

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

working with people with Intellectual Developmental Disability, IDD, and the relationship between him and the recipient of his support. In the sample included 61 service providers and 95 service recipients. Findings indicated that the sample was divided between those who expressed Humanistic orientation compared to those with a medical perception; the humanists gave high assessment scores regarding the ability of their service recipients; a positive correlation was found between the ‘giver and the recipient’s assessments of the latter. A humanistic orientation is a necessary condition for the service recipient to experience himself and his life in a positive and optimistic way. It also invites mutuality in the interpersonal relationships between supporter and recipient

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Key words
People with intellectual developmental disabilities
Humanistic orientation
Service recipients
Service providers
Shalem Fund study


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