Usability of Video Prompting for Improving Employment Skills among Moderate and Moderate-Severe Older Adults with Intellectual Developmental Disabilities in Residential Facility Settings

Catalog # 890-626-2021 | Supervised by: Dr. Sarit Szpiro

This work was supported by a grant from Shalem Fund

The present study was the first to examine the effective use of video prompting strategy using an iPad device among six older adult participants (over 50 years old) diagnosed with moderate and moderate-severe intellectual and developmental disabilities, who live in a residential care facility in Israel. Participants managed to learn how perform two new employment tasks by watching short video clips. The results showed that both tasks were performed better when the video instructions were displayed using the iPad, thus the averages increased with the beginning of the intervention compared to the baseline phase in both tasks.

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Key words:

Video prompting, Residential facility, Older adults, Single subject design. Intellectual developmental disability



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